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Stream ecology

NIWA – quick guides to freshwater flora & fauna

NIWA - freshwater research

Landcare Research - aquatic health


New Zealand Freshwater Fish Database (NIWA)

Native fish (DOC)


NZ Native Freshwater Fish Society

Freshwater Biodata Information New Zealand



Ministry for Environment

ARC environmental data online (Auckland)

ARC pollution management (Auckland)

Metrowater (Auckland)

Watercare (Auckland)

NZ Water and Wastes Association

Environmental Education

Wai Care Stream Education Kit (Secondary School level)

Wai Care and the CREST awards scheme

National Waterways Project

Landcare Research Manaaki Whenua resources

NZ Association for Environmental Education

LEARNZ – virtual field trips

MERC: Marine Education and Recreation Centre (Auckland)

Streamside Restoration – into action!

Native restoration planting (Auckland)

Riparian Restoration Guidelines (Auckland)


Identifying pest plants



Identifying native plants (NZ Plant Conservation Network)



The Green Toolbox (Landcare Research)

Other groups involved in stream protection

Project Twin Streams (Auckland)

Ecoevents  - Connecting Aucklanders to Environmental Activities

North-west Wildlink (Auckland)

Adopt-a-Stream (Auckland)

NZ Ecological Restoration Network

Community-based Integrated Catchment Management Network


Funding opportunities

EIF Environmental Initiatives Fund (Auckland region)


CommunityNet Aotearoa - Funding guide

International links

Waterwatch (Australia)

Streamwatch (Australia)

Stormwater Authority (USA)



Global Rivers Environmental Education Network (USA)