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Education resource kit

Secondary resource

This teacher’s resource unit aims to enhance learning based around water monitoring trips to your local stream. It provides teachers with background material to support the field trips and to assist with the ongoing monitoring of stream and catchment health.
We invite your school to use this resource to learn more about the waterways of our region and to be involved in their care.
Stream investigations offer an opportunity for practical environmental education in an area covered by the national curriculum. This programme investigates local stream and catchment issues and relates these to resource management practices within your district and region.

Stormwater Secondary Resource

Primary resources 

This teachers resource focuses on understanding the importance of healthy streams and what impacts our streams.

Healthy Streams, Healthy Harbours Primary Resource

Supplementary resourcesPoster 1, and 2

This teacher's resource is a draft compilation of ideas to help teachers with inquiry learning into the stream. It is targeted for years 5-8. 

Saving our Stream primary resource

Other resources

Wai Care field manual (Book 3) provides a description of the equipment and methods used to investigate the health of a local waterway.

The causes, effects and solutions for some of the degrading on waterway quality are outlined in Book 6 ‘Fact Sheets’, as are likely ranges for Auckland waterways for general water quality parameters. 

Taking Action (Book 8) outlines a range of actions that student and community groups can use to protect and enhance their local environment.

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