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Fishy links


Want to know more? Check out these links…

NIWA Atlas of Freshwater Fishes -

The NIWA Atlas of Freshwater Fishes provides information about each species and location.

NIWA Freshwater Fish Database -

A computer-based system with over 28,000 records of fish from around New Zealand. 

New Zealand Native Freshwater Fish Society -

This website provides information about our freshwater fish fauna and an extensive list of references and resources for further information.

Department of Conservation -

The Department of Conservation has information about the work of the department, videos and ways you can help!

Te Ara Encyclopedia of New Zealand -

Te Ara provides extensive information about the types of fish we have and how they have evolved.


Other fishy resources

McDowall, R. M. (2000).The Reed Field Guide to Freshwater Fishes. Reed Books Ltd, Auckland.

McDowall, R. M. (2001) Reed New Zealand Nature Series Freshwater Fishes of New Zealand. Reed Books Ltd, Auckland.

NZ Landcare Trust & Ministry for the Environment (2010). From Headwaters to Harbour Hooked on Native Fish Fact Sheets. NZ Landcare Trust. These can be downloaded from