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Water in rivers, creeks and wetlands become polluted when run-off (stormwater) from factories, gardens, building sites, roads and other hard surfaces enters them. Even simple activities like washing your car on the street can add pollutants like phosphorous to waterways, this increases the chance of toxic algal blooms.

So what can we do?

We can improve the quality of our watercourses by practising good stormwater management, by monitoring water quality, and learning more about our valuable waterways. We can tell our family, friends and neighbours how they can help improve our rivers and wetlands. Stormwater doesn’t just stop at the gutters. It travels through our rivers, creeks and wetlands, eventually reaching the sea.

Remember, all outside drains around our houses, in shopping malls, on the roads and playgrounds, have been designed to lead to natural waterways. Check out the Auckland Council pollution pages for more info.