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About Wai Care

What is Wai Care all about?

  • It’s about caring for our waterways and catchments.
  • It’s about communities taking action.
  • It’s about all of us learning together and caring for ‘our place’
  • It’s about kaitiakitanga.

Wai Care is a water quality monitoring, education and action programme for community groups, individuals, businesses and schools across the Auckland region. The Wai Care programme is about all of us, young and old, doing our bit to learn about and take care of local waterways and catchments.

Wai Care is delivered in many different ways in response to the needs and interests of each participating individual or group. The types of Wai Care activities are many and varied and go far beyond simply assessing water quality.

Our Vision

Together for healthy waterways

Healthy streams and catchments mean healthy communities. Wai Care enables local groups to be active in the protection, health and management of their waterways and catchments. Wai Care aims to provide support, education, knowledge and resources to enable action in a wide variety of ways.


Community engagement

  • Communities have an enhanced awareness of issues related to waterway and catchment health
  • Communities are able to generate, store and access useful information on the health of Auckland’s waterways and catchments
  • The capacity of communities to undertake community-led action to address waterway and catchment issues is enabled and developed
  • Communities are supported to advocate for the health and value of waterways and catchments
  • The work of other champions active in waterway and catchment health is informed by Wai Care
  • The Wai Care strategic approach is aligned with that of other related waterway and catchment-based initiatives.